Friday, January 8, 2016

Rain at the Beach

Rainy Days in Cali

Have you ever had your friends be so enthusiastically optimistic about a plan (that you subconsciously knew will never work) that you decided to go along with it? That's what I did yesterday. It started pouring in Cali. Rain in California is about as rare as a crocodile Birkin bag. It just almost doesn't even exist. However, some of my friends thought it would be fun to go to Laguna again as a little birthday celebration. While skeptical, I got in the car and we started the drive.

It was pouring to the point where one could barely see the cars in front of them, so we decided to exit the freeway and kill time at the mall before heading out to Laguna again. We made it just in time for the sunset, and as usual, it was beautiful. Two of my friends, whose sense of danger is pretty much slim to none, tried to climb the rocks to get a self-satisfactory picture of the sunset, but the waves crashed down on them and made them fall into the cold water in 54 degree weather. My other (sane) friend and I stayed dry, and we four went to get pazookies after the sun had set. When we left it was mildly sprinkling, but seeing the sunset was worth the cold weather and rain. While the weather conditions were not ideal to say the least, we still had a day full of laughter, music, and fun.

To stay warm, I wore a Lululemon ensemble and a thick knit scarf. I brought an extra letterman-like jacket that I layered on later. I used my Harper Ave backpack.

Jacket/Leggings: Lululemon
Scarf: Brandy Melville 
Shoes: Nike
Backpack: Harper Ave (get it here
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