Monday, January 11, 2016

WILDFOX Sample Sale + Tips

Wildfox Sale + Sample Sale Tips

Last month, I went to a warehouse sale in Los Angeles for a Wildfox sample sale. For those who don't know what Wildfox is, it is a a casual brand that uses a lot of fun colors, prints, and super comfortable fabrics but is unfortunately pretty expensive. However, I love their brand and their style, and I wanted to take advantage of the substantially-lower prices of the sample sale. 

Some sample sales can look like a reenactment of World War II, but luckily this sample sale was not that crazy. There weren't many people in the warehouse when I got there around 4 pm. In my previous experience, they have been a little more chaotic, so here are some easy tips. 

Tips for for Sample Sales: 

Getting there early, or at the starting time of the sale, is not always the best option. - Many people think that if they are early, they'll "miss the crowd," but a lot of times you can actually do this by going at a later time. When I went to this Wildfox sale, I didn't go until about 4 pm, but the staring time was 1 pm. There were about maybe 10 people in the sale when I got there. I have gone to one where I went at the starting time, and I had to wait in line for an hour. 

Bring cash. - A lot of sales accept cards, but bringing cash is the safest bet. 

Don't expect to get certain items. - You can't look online at certain items and expect to see them at the sample sale. Sometimes they will be there, but sample sale items are usually items that didn't sell previously or are extra inventory. Go with an open mind. You might find something you had never even thought of. This will make your experience more fun.

Wear comfortable clothing. - This does definitely not mean to not look good, but if you can't do a squat in whatever you're wearing, rethink the outfit. Sometimes items are hung nicely on racks, but at other times they are just thrown into boxes on the floor that you have to bend down and look through. Heels or anything tight and restricting are a no-no. 

Bring water. - This may sound dramatic, but many sample sales entail large crowds of people in a small warehouse space. It can get hot really fast, so bring a bottle of water. 

Have fun. - This sounds corny, but it's true. Remember that it's just a sample sale. It is really not that deep. If you don't get the pair of pumps you wanted or the highly-coveted cashmere sweater, it's really not the end of the world. Chances are by you just being able to shop at a sample sale, you are already very blessed and lucky. So smile and be happy. 


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