Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Patches for Days

DIY Denim Jacket 

What happens when you look for something but can't find it? You make it yourself. I spent some time online looking for a denim jacket with patches. I found pictures on Pinterest that served as some nice design inspiration, but I could not find an actual jacket to purchase. Then it occurred to me. It's just a jacket. You don't have to be Christian Siriano to be able to sew some patches onto a jacket. 

So, I bought some patches and trim, grabbed a needle and thread, and  spent an afternoon sewing. 
I understand that this jacket is a little "out-there" (a polite way of saying obnoxious) but I like it. 

If you can't find something in life or it doesn't work out, make it happen yourself! 


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  1. What a cool idea - love your personalized jacket!
    x. Mirjam


  2. This jacket is absolutely amazing! And I love what you wrote at the end. So true. I'm actually thinking about taking sewing classes just so I could sew the exact clothes that I want ^^
    Great post :) x Alona