Thursday, March 3, 2016

Monthly Favorites: February

Favorite Products of the Month: February 

Recently I've been thinking a lot about summer...and then I snap out of my little day dream and realize it's barely March. Time flies, though, so I am staying optimistic knowing it will come soon. 

I don't have an hour to spend getting ready each day, so I like products that are easy to use and efficient. This month especially has been a bit busy, so these products have been my go-tos. 

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Favorites this month: 

I bought these about a year ago, and I love them. I like that their style mixes with a lot of looks, and since they are black, they go with almost any outfit. Black sunglasses are definitely a staple piece! 
I tried to find these exact pair, but this link were the closest I could find. 

I bought this after I saw Jaclyn Hill rave about it on one of her makeup videos on Youtube. Since it was about only $20 I thought I would give it a go and ordered it online. I don't recommend buying a foundation you have never used before online, especially when you aren't sure what color you should buy, but this luckily worked perfectly for me. It is lightweight, very liquidy, and blends easily. It matches my skin perfectly and gives me a soft, natural look. Oddly enough, it also smells nicely. 

This cheek balm is very creamy and easy to blend into foundation. I will admit it can apply a little patchy sometimes, but if I use a sponge or my fingers to blend it in more, it gives me a rosy look without being too overwhelming. A little goes a long way for this blush as it is very pigmented. 

At the moment, this is my favorite blush color. It is a warm pink color with a brown undertone. I love to use it with my bronzer to create a natural bronze glow. It never applies patchy and looks beautiful. 

This is my first lip pencil, as I am drawn to more creamy products like lipsticks and lip balms, and I really enjoy it. It applies very matte and stays in place. I like to use it with a lip balm to prevent my lips from looking dry. This particular color is a beautiful deep pink/mauve. 

My skin and lips have been very dry this month, and this has helped tremendously. It has a waxy texture that is like Vaseline. If you have dry lips, I would definitely recommend this. 

This is one of my favorite scents. Smells are hard to describe, but it smells like flowers and isn't overpowering. I know, really great description, but if you haven't tried this scent I recommend trying it! The bottle of the perfume is very cute also, but I prefer the rollerball so I can bring it on-the-go. 

That concludes my favorites. Comment below what your favorite products of February were!

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