Friday, April 1, 2016

March Favorites

Monthly Favorites: March

So I think I blinked my eyes once, and March was over. March was a very busy month for me. Since it's spring break though, I have enjoyed a little relaxation but still have homework to finish (it never ends). As much as I like to wear winter clothes such as jeans, baggy cardigans, etc, I am looking forward to dressing for spring, and I hope April brings good weather for it. 

These are my favorite products that I have been using frequently during March. Half of these are products that I have used for years, and half are products that are new. They are all makeup-related. 

Happy April! 

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Too Faced doesn't call it "the perfect powder brush" for no reason. It really is the perfect makeup brush for the face. I use it to apply powder foundation, bronzer, blush, and to blend highlight. It is a large brush that takes a substantial amount of product and is not dense, so it applies naturally. The bristles glide smoothly on the face and are incredibly soft. I love it! 

2. Marc Jacobs Perfumes - 'Daisy Eau So Fresh' and 'Daisy Dream' 

I feel scents are the hardest products to describe, but all you need to know is that these are amazing. They are fresh and flowery without being too sweet-smelling. These are perfect for spring. 

I received a sample of this when I bought my Too Faced Mr. Right brush at Sephora at the beginning of March. It was a random sample the cashier gave me so I did not give it much thought, but I have been using it almost everyday since I received it. My skin has been dry lately, so it has helped alleviate some of my dry patches. I mix a couple drops of the oil with my foundation, and it makes my foundation more moisturizing, smooth to apply, and dewy. I really enjoy this face oil. 

I received this as a little gift from Sephora for my birthday. I hadn't used it much during January and February, but I tried it more in March, and I really enjoy it. It applies smoothly, doesn't fade, and shows very intensely. I also find that it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes. 

5. MAC 'Nylon' 

This has been a holy grail product for me for years. This is my go-to shade for being the base in different eyeshadow looks and is a beautiful creme color with a lot of shine. It also has a slight yellow undertone. I have always used it on my eyes, but this month I have been using it to highlight my cheekbones, brow bone, nose, and upper lip. It is not too intense but provides a gorgeous subtle glow. 

I bought this because I wanted some shadows that were almost neutral, yet still had some shine. These are perfect for that. There are six shimmery shadows and three matte. They are blendable and show beautifully on the skin. They appear better on than they do in the palette. I like the variety, as it allows for neutral, everyday makeup looks but can be used to create a smoky eye as well. 

Shades from top to bottom: Fuzzy Handcuffs (matte), Sugar Walls (shimmer), Lap Dance (shimmer), Voulez-Vous (matte), Carter Belt (matte), French Tickler (shimmer)

Shades from top to bottom: In the Buff (matte), Satin Sheets (shimmer), Birthday Suit (shimmer)

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