Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial (Outfit of the) Day 

Memorial Day is definitely a different experience for everyone. For some people, it just means a day off of school or work substituted by a day at the beach or a neighborhood barbecue. However, for others it is a day of great sadness or numbness, recalling the loss of loved ones that served our country. No matter how meaningful or not meaningful it may be to some, I still think it is important to remember that it is incredible that so many people served and still serve selflessly in order for our country to remain free. That fact alone gives the day meaning to me. 

For Memorial Day I went to Laguna Beach for a walk and some ice cream with my parents. In front of one of the lifeguard towers was a cool display of American flags. It was mildly warm that day so I wore a casual outfit of fabric shorts and a loose top from LF. Hope you enjoy this post :)