Friday, August 19, 2016


Chinatown Chick

I'm currently writing from my hotel room in San Francisco. I'm also currently having blogger's block. I can't think of a cool, engaging way to tell you that I traveled to San Francisco a couple days ago and that I had the best orange chicken ever at Hunan House in Chinatown. (There, that works)

Speaking of Chinese food, San Francisco in general has amazing Chinese food, whether in Chinatown or not. Today I went to a restaurant called Old Shanghai Restaurant on Greary Blvd, and the atmosphere and food wasn't anything but authentic. 

For this look, I wanted to wear something comfortable enough to walk around San Francisco's not-so-quads-friendly hilly sidewalks and warm enough for the chilly weather. I wore a pink, relaxed Wildfox sweater and comfy ripped denim. Adidas and a simple choker added a casual, urban vibe. 

Hope you enjoy this look! If you go to San Francisco, I definitely recommend those two Chinese restaurants mentioned above. I also recommend sneakers and a warm sweater.